Private data secured with Fort Knox

Fort Knox is a modern and innovative vault app for the iPhone to safely hide your private photos, videos and documents. Protect your privacy by protecting your most private photos, videos and documents in Fort Knox from unauthorized access with PIN, Face-ID or Touch-ID.

Exclusively available on iPhone
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The most important functions at a glance

Fort Knox impresses with a variety of different functions.

  • Photos, Videos & Files

    Hide and protect private photos, videos, audio files and PDF documents

  • Safely organized

    Store your content in folders and subfolders with individual PIN protection.

  • More information

    Add additional information to your content, such as titles, comments or tags.

  • Special stealth mode

    Only you decide which photos and videos should be displayed in stealth mode.

  • PDF Scanner

    Create your PDF documents in seconds with the integrated scanner.

  • Simple Sharing

    Send and receive photos, videos or files from and to other apps.

With Fort Knox Premium you can

  • Store your private / secret photos, videos and files discreetly and securely.

  • Protect all content from unauthorized access with PIN code.

  • Scan documents, such as ID cards or credit cards, and store them securely.

  • Stay perfectly organized with the help of folders, comments and keywords

  • Show photos to friends in stealth mode, while private photos remain hidden.

No account required. No server transfer.

  • Fort Knox stores your data only on the mobile device.
  • No account required. Just use your PIN or Face ID / Touch ID to open Fort Knox.
  • None of your data is transferred to the cloud or to a server.
  • Your privacy and the security of your data is important to us and we take it seriously.

Why Fort Knox?

Simple and secure

Fort Knox is protected with a lock screen by PIN entry, Face-ID or Touch-ID.

Modern and innovative

Designed for iOS 14 with a gallery mode, individual views and an intuitive user interface

Free trial

You can try Fort Knox Premium 7 days free before you decide. No hidden costs.

Innovative UI

Simple and clear

Fort Knox is exclusively available for iPhone